Turbine Ventilator

This is a wind driven natural ventilation system which expels hot, humid and moist air from industrial buildings to give a more comfortable working environment. It replaces the summer heat and winter dampness with fresh air. Air Exhaust Ventilators are manufactured from rust resistant , light weight aluminium. It has been designed to prevent the entry of wind and reverse rainwater due to wind pressure under cyclonic conditions.

It is ideal for high performance Industrial roofs. This ventilation system is driven by natural wind and its turbine is operated by utilizing the velocity energy of the wind to induce airflow by centrifugal action. The centrifugal force caused by the spinning vanes creates a region of low pressure area, which draws the air through the turbine. The air drawn out by the exhaust ventilator is continuously replaced by fresh air from outside. Unlike doors and windows, these wind driven ventilators, draw air upwards, creating convection current and in the process, with the power of wind only. Air exhaust Ventilators silently draw hot, damp and stagnant air from the building, replacing it with clean, fresh air- all year round without any maintenance cost. It also extracts deadly smoke and fumes from the building, allowing occupants a much healthy environment.

Advantages of Air Exhaust Ventilators
We provide a unique design that avoids the air from entering into the machine, thus allows air to flow only in one direction
Cost effective
Assures Cross Ventilation for round the year.
It helps in avoiding leakage under heavy rain situations as well
Maintains thermal and pressure conditions.
Easy replace ability of roof.
Reduces damping problem.

Exciting features:

  • Varied pitches are supported by it.
  • Electricity saving
  • No Maintenance
  • Designing is unique and material quality is superb.
  • Reduces humidity.
  • Rotates freely due to high quality bearing system
  • Continuous circulation of fresh air.

Availed Benefits:
Reduced Maintenance Costs
Maintenance includes checking of corrosion of metal fittings, painted surface, electrical wiring and building structures. Proper ventilation provided by this system eliminates the need for Maintenance.

Reduced Installation Costs
One unit fits in most of the industrial applications (00 to 22.50), this is due to the versatile nature of the pitch throat.

No Operational Costs
It itself contains wind powered design, thus provides cost effective operations.

Reduced Power Costs
Consumption of electricity is reduced as proper ventilation provided by our ventilator, reduces the humidity of the environment thus, air conditioning devices or machines are not needed thus, reduces electricity consumption.

Income Tax Benefit
Our offered ventilators are human and eco-friendly and hence thus, income tax depreciable benefits.

The Air Exhaust Ventilators
These are used for wide areas, especially meant for big halls like Auditorium, Bakeries, Boiler Room, Class rooms, Laundry, Transformer rooms etc.

Table: Rate of change of air requiredfor different Purposes

Sr. No Type of Building Rate of change of Air PerHr. (No. of times air to be changed per Hr. )
1 Chemical Plant 30-60
2 Factories (Light) 6-12
3 Factories (Heavy) 10-30
4 Paper Mill 8-30
5 Textile Mill 4-12
6 Boiler Room 15-60
7 Auditorium 4-12
8 Class Room 12-30
9 Bewaries 8-30
10 Transformer Room 12-30
11 Laundry 12-30
12 Warehouse 4-6
13 Bakeries 12-20
14 Assembly Hall 6-12
15 Packing Room 8-30
16 Paint Shops 10-30
17 Stables, Piggeries & Poultry Houses 7-25
18 Garages 6-12
19 Toilets 7-12
20 Gyms, Tennis & Squash Courts 3-8

Steps to determine the number air exhaust ventilators required?
Determine the volume (V) of the buildingin cubic meters.
=(Length x Width x Height)
Depending on the building type, selectthe required rate of change of air (R)per hour, from the tablegiven above
Calculate required ventilation rate (Q)
=(V x R) / 60
From local authority records, determinethe typical wind sped, 6, 8, 10, 12 or 16 km/h. This will establish theexhaust capacity in cubic meter per hour ( ) (Refer Table)
Calculated No of Ventilators = (V x R ) /E

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