Flat Products
H R Sheets

H.R stands for hot rolled sheets. These are prepared from hot rolled coils by using appropriate technology. We produce these sheets with the best quality of the raw material with a suitable width and thickness. They have broad applications in construction field.


  • Strapping
  • Manufacture of Hamilton and other poles, flanging applications
  • Cold reduction and for manufacture of galvanised sheets
  • Tube making
  • Manufacture of pipes mostly for oil and gas sector.

C R Sheets

C.R. basically stands for Cold rolled sheets, which we offer extensively in varied thickness and sizes. These sheets are available in high demand, we offer best quality sheets. We use the best quality of raw material in manufacturing of steel.


  • Packaging
  • Coated sheets
  • Automobile…and many more

Chequered Plates

The steel plates having patterns or design in chequered style are known as Chequered Plates. These plates are used to avoid slips and they even decorate the surface. They are available in several designs and patterns. These are used to protect the wall or floor from the damages due to movement of cargo. These plates are highly slip resistant and can be designed in variety of patterns as per the client’s needs.


  • These are used in cement and construction fields.
  • Infrastructure
  • For the protection of walls from damages
  • As steel plates to protect the floor.

M S Plates

For the production we use Mild steel as raw material, and Carbon/Alloy steel is used for protection from wear and tear, they can also be added as per client’s requirements. For flow of liquids stainless steel is used for creating these plates.




  • These plates are highly tensile
  • Used in Boilers and pressure vessels
  • Ship building
  • Industrial Flooring
  • Flanging and forming operations
  • Pipeline manufacturing

G C Sheet

We offer a comprehensive range of galvanized coils and galvanized   sheets which have carved a niche in domestic as well as overseas   market. These GP/GC Sheets comes with zinc coating thickness of   120gsm, lending it great durability. It is the roof that has to take the   brunt of nature's extremities during its entire life and hence utmost   care must be taken in selection of the right roofing material. Wrong   choice of roofing and cladding can create losses in terms of human   lives  and material in cases of natural disasters. A good reliable roof   with least  number of complications gives peace of mind to meet the   challenging needs of the customers.


  • In agriculture field
  • In automobile Field
  • In construction field
  • For electrical appliances
  • For domestic purposes

G I Sheet

  We used galvanized coils and sheets for manufacturing GI sheets, which have become popular in market. These sheets use zinc coating to increase the durability. These sheets are used in roofing. We use the best quality roofing material in their manufacture. Thus, we have least number of complications to meet the needs of the client




  • These sheets are used in agriculture as sprayers, grain silos etc.
  • In automobile industry for creating truck bodies, fuel & oil tanks etc.
  • In construction field for roofing etc.
  • In construction of electrical appliances
  • For creating domestic material.

 Color Coated Coil

These coils are colored and we provide these coils with the finest finishing. Excellent lustre, best color quality, superb excellent paint adhesion, perfect textures.

Applications of Colour Coated Coils
  • In construction for cladding, roofing, partitioning, constructing false ceilings, bill boards etc.
  • In household appliances, for manufacturing washing machine, tumble dyer and other electrical appliances etc.
  • In transport arena, for producing Railway carriages, bus body etc.
Other Miscellaneous applications includes aerosols,  packaging, containers, furniture etc.

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