Color Coated Sheets Accessories
Color Coated Sheets

We manufacture and supply the colour coated sheet accessories that are made using color coated plain sheets. These accessories are non corrodible and also leakage proof, thus we improve the durability of the building. Different designs and custom dimensions can be provided as asked by the user. Several colours can be used as that of the profile sheets. Thickness of sheet also varies.


Corner Flashing
These are designed for the corner of the wall, ie for wall cladding. The gaps at the joints can be filled using it. The surfaces are arranged at 90 degrees to each other.

Barge Board / Gable End Flashing

These are used to cover the gable joints. They perform vertical cladding in the building. To improve the look of the building proper colour combinations can be used.

Eaves Gutter
These are relevant accessories for rain water harvesting. It helps in performing the process of rainwater harvesting, collecting the water and then allowing it to flow to the desired place.

Eaves Trim
These are used for covering the joints where the eaves meet. The provide vertical cladding. They are used to reduce the quantity of roofing material used and also to support rain water harvesting.

End Trim
This is another variety of wall claddings that we offer, these are used for decoration purpose, this is to hide the meeting overlaps of two vertical cladding sheets, especially present in the front face of the wall. This gives an elegant view to the joint in the building.

Apron Flashing / Drip Flashing
This is an accessory offered by us that can be used where slopes are present. Levelized slopping is done using these claddings. The joint at the base of the level of the slope is sealed using Apron Flashing.

Fasteners are basically used for self tapping, self threaded and supreme quality screws, with the help of which sheets can be fixed fastly and accurately. It also provides convenience to the user. Using these, our bolts are tight, and thus prevents the roofing from leakage. We offer fasteners in several sizes and colours according to requirements of job.

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Color Coated Sheets
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